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These records are available now and are sourced from SDKs and are 100% GDPR compliant.

MEGA MOBILE IDs – Mobile App Data Feed

150,000,000 mobile ids per day

US and International = 100% GDPR compliant

Countries: United States, international from India, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, Indonesia

Fields: mobile id, device type, timestamp, app used, country code

Apps: YouTube, Chrome, Maps, Mobile Services, Email, Search, Video, Music, Photos, Documents, WhatsApp, Facebook, Games, Calculator, Instagram, SkyDrive, Office

Source: Software Develop Kits

US MOBILE IDs – with Hashed Email

5,000,000 mobile ids + hashed emails per day

Countries: United States

Fields: mobile id, device type, timestamp, ip, hashed email, latitude, longitude

Contact, Postal Address, Email, Latitude, Longitude available on 30% of data

Source: Software Development Kids


20,000,000 unique mobile ids per day representing 4BB engagements [mobile id at a specific location]

Countries: United States and International

Fields: timestamp, Advertiser_id (AAID/IDFA), operating system (ios|android), latitude, longitude, ip address, connection type, accuracy, event type, gps speed, place name (location), place id, category, country code, app id

All of the above data is:

100% GDPR Compliant

Sourced from SDKs

Use Cases: Location Targeting, Re-Activation of older mobile ids, Link apps used to current mobile id files, Cross-device marketing, Data Linkage, CRM Appends