Digital Marketing

LB Digital_FinalLBDigital makes it easy for marketers to greatly increase their brand and direct response impressions for cutting-edge digital marketing success

Digital marketing uses data targeting and other strategies, such as search, remarketing, and contexual, to reach your prime audience on websites or mobile apps with your relevant and timely offer. Effective digital marketing is optimized towards your goals, with full-service campaign management, so you can press your easy button! We help marketers convert site visitors into buyers, target ads based on their desired audience segmentation, and reach ready-to-buy audiences with relevant ads in real-time, while taking great measures to ensure your brand safety online, inventory quality and anti-fraud measures…… data driven digital marketing at its finest.

Capabilities Overview
  • Real time bidding, global reach, multiple strategies, full campaign management, and goal-based optimization
  • Formats – Display, video, mobile, tablet
  • Cross-channel marketing and attribution – Reach the same customers and prospects everywhere they are: digital, email, direct mail, retail
  • Campaign reporting – Impressions, clicks, conversions, customized reporting and scheduling throughout the campaign and upon completion
  • Data On-Boarding – Making your offline customer data available for online targeting, suppression, personalization and measurement
  • Data Driven Marketing – Proprietary business and consumer data sources and specialized segmentation make it easy to reach your desired audience
Targeting Strategies
  • Primary Targeting Strategies – Behavioral, data, CRM remarketing, website optimization, look-alike modeling, contextual targeting, keyword search remarketing, white-listing
  • Additional Strategies – Dynamic creative, geography & hyper-local, day-part, device, social media & Facebook, email newsletter, account & campus-based, native, wallpaper