Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Data and Services with combined offline and online audience targeting


Audience Segmentation

LBDigital data is proprietary, highly-selectable and at great scale, offering hundreds of millions of cookies and mobile IDs. Select from all of our popular audience segments: purchase and purchase intent, brand, product, demographics, interest, lifestage, firmographics and more.  This enables B2B and B2C marketers to reach their prime audiences with targeting accuracy and scale on desktop and mobile with a relevant and timely offer. We specialize in custom segmentation perfect for niche or hard-to-find audiences.

Data Services

Digital marketing strategies such as retargeting and customer insights are augmented by our data services. We help marketers by providing Multi-Channel Data for channel linkage, CRM data enhancement, append, analysis, customer insights, and many other applications. Our CRM Data On-Boarding services have enabled marketers to successfully retarget, apply suppression, and perform attribution on their customer audiences.

Capabilities Overview
  • Proprietary, Scalable, Highly-Desirable Audience Segmentation
  • Custom Segmentation and targeted audiences are our specialty
  • Formats – Cookies, mobile IDs, hash emails, full emails, ip addresses, matching offline data
  • Cross-channel marketing and attribution – Reach the same customers and prospects everywhere they are: desktop, mobile, email, postal, retail
  • Match rates and matchback reports available for on-boarded audiences
  • CRM Data On-Boarding – Make your offline customer data available for online retargeting, suppression, personalization and measurement
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Data – Proprietary B2B and B2C data sources and specialized segmentation make it easy to reach your desired audience
  • Marketing Data Services – Channel Linkage, Lookalike Modeling, and Demo Append enhance communication strategies, expand audiences, and enrich segmentation capabilities
Use Cases Supported by our Digital Data Services
  • Targeting, multi-channel linkage, CRM data on-boarding, append, analysis, retargeting, customer insights, attribution, custom segmentation
  • Distribution to premier platforms such as: Google, Facebook, Media Math, AppNexus, Connexity, Centro, Oracle, Lotame, eXelate, TubeMogul, RocketFuel, Drawbridge